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buglebu‧gle /ˈbjuːɡəl/ noun [countable] APMa musical instrument like a trumpet, that is used in the army to call soldiersbugler noun [countable]
Examples from the Corpus
bugleBehind him, distantly, a bugle was sounding, followed by the clank and shuffle of armoured men running.We consider it a great honour for all members of the band and bugles.He made a pensive sound like a distant bugle.At 10am the lieutenant sounds his bugle to call the archers together.They had long, muscular upper lips which they could shape like the bells of bugles.To whom is the bugle being blown?The bugle sounded the charge; the horsemen's pace increased, but remained all the while under control.The band of musician soldiers wrapped their bugles and drums in their canvas coverings.
Origin bugle (1300-1400) bugle horn instrument made from buffalo horn, bugle ((13-16 centuries)), from bugle buffalo ((13-17 centuries)), from Old French, from Latin buculus, from bos ox, cow