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broombroom /bruːm, brʊm/ ●●○ noun 1 caretaker.jpg [countable]DHC a large brush with a long handle, used for sweeping floors2 [uncountable]HBP a large bush with small yellow flowers
Examples from the Corpus
broomThere's pots to wash and a broom under the counter.He would have reached for a broom or a piece of kindling.Banister installs him in a broom closet upstairs.Like the rituals of harvest and planting in pastoral societies, the desert broom tufts are a sign.We compared the sizes of the gardeners' brooms with our own.I mean, that bit in the broom cupboard - oh, you didn't see it, did you?It's the same place Boris Becker got his mistress pregnant in the broom cupboard.I looked back and saw them coming after me with the broom.
Origin broom 1. Old English brom broom plant; 2. because broom branches were used for making brushes