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brookbrook1 /brʊk/ noun [countable] DNa small stream a babbling brook
Examples from the Corpus
brookThe real price though, has been paid by the wildlife which once lived in Cannop brook.They dwelt in brooks and springs and fountains.Just beyond the bridge, the road follows the brook filled with large black rocks and gravel.I turned away from the brook and felt strangely restless.This was the last mill, the brook now wending its way towards the Severn at Minsterworth.The brook was swollen and Hazel's ears could distinguish the deeper, smoother sound, changed since the day before.The town brook, now covered over, became a source of energy for saw mills and other trades.In Kangwon Province, there were villages with trickling brooks and houses with fruit trees in the yard.
brookbrook2 verb not brook something/brook no something→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
brookHe was too near the Accomplishment of the Purpose to brook any distractions.Tia Carmen says in a quiet voice that does not brook contradiction.Above all, it brooked no argument.In contrast local military authorities would brook no delay.Who worked later than any of us on the college paper and brooked no foolishness.Congress would brook no potential economic rivals in the post-war world.A power that brooked no query.Not that, standing square in front of her, his expression brooking no refusal, he was giving her much choice.
Origin brook1 Old English broc brook2 Old English brucan to use, enjoy