From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbridebride /braɪd/ ●●○ noun [countable] bride.jpg MARRYa woman at the time she gets married or just after she is marriedgroom
Examples from the Corpus
brideThe third sister, Ankhsenpaaten, had been given as a child bride to Tutankhaten.Emperor Justinian had chosen this young woman as his bride.This was Nahum's wedding gift to his bride.Hugh Hefner has devoted a little bit of Playboy to his new bride, Kimberley.Teenage brides are twice as likely to end up being divorced as women who marry later.Everyone turned around as the bride entered the church.When when they left the church the bride and groom were followed by the best man and the bridesmaid.Theseus leaped to the defense of the bride and struck down the Gentaur who was trying to carry her off.The bride and groom pose for photographs to be taken by the official photographer and relatives who have brought their cameras.He took his young bride to live on the ranch in Wyoming.Still, Amelia had it easier than any other young bride arriving in Atchison to live.
Origin bride Old English bryd