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bric-a-bracbric-a-brac /ˈbrɪk ə ˌbræk/ noun [uncountable] British English DHsmall objects that are not worth very much money but are interesting or attractive
Examples from the Corpus
bric-a-bracClothes and bric-a-brac have been pouring into the hospice's charity shops in response to an appeal for more goods.There will be cakes, bric-a-brac, toys and books.Any good clean jumble or bric-a-brac will be appreciated.Please support us by providing bric-a-brac, clothes, unwanted but saleable articles, etc.Soon villages by railway lines became centres of new craft industries, in wood-carving and other allegedly traditional bric-a-brac.In the first stable, off the bay, was an astonishing display of unrelated bric-a-brac.The shelves in the living room were lined with bric-a-brac and religious figurines.
Origin bric-a-brac (1800-1900) French bric-à-brac