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ldoce_036_gbreadbread /bred/ ●●● S2 W3 noun [uncountable] 1 loaf_bread.jpg DFFa type of food made from flour and water that is mixed together and then baked Would you like some bread with your soup? a loaf of brown bread a piece of bread and butter2 your/somebody’s bread and butter3 know which side your bread is buttered on4 MONEY old-fashioned informal moneyCOLLOCATIONSadjectivesfreshEat the bread while it’s nice and fresh.stale (=hard and no longer fresh)This bread’s stale – shall I throw it away?crusty (=having a hard crust that is nice to eat)Serve the soup with crusty bread.mouldy British English, moldy American English (=covered with a green substance that grows on old food)All there was in the house was a loaf of mouldy old bread.white/brown breadWould you like white bread or brown bread?wholewheat bread (also wholemeal bread British English) (=bread made with flour that contains all of the grain)Wholemeal bread is good for you.home-made/home-baked breadI love home-made bread.phrasesa slice/piece of breadCan I have another slice of bread?a loaf of breadHe’s gone to buy a loaf of bread.a chunk of bread (=a piece that you pull off a loaf instead of cutting it)He tore off a chunk of bread and dipped it in the sauce.verbsmake/bake breadWe usually make our own bread.cut/slice breadCould you cut some bread?
Examples from the Corpus
breadIn a large mixing bowl, combine bread cubes and milk; let stand for 5 minutes.Complete your meal with a selection of local cheeses, fresh bread and, of course, iced drinks.Then he speared a square of fried bread and dipped it in, turning it about until it was yellow all over.For this you have to pretend you are kneading bread.We sat in our coats and ate a dry meal, bread and cheese.He put another piece of bread in his mouth and chewed.Please pass the bread.Afrer two minutes of baking, open the door quickly and spray the bread again.
Origin bread Old English