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brackenbrack‧en /ˈbrækən/ noun [uncountable] HBPa plant that often grows in forests and becomes reddish brown in the autumn
Examples from the Corpus
brackenCopses of beech and alder appeared, straggling along the banks with their roots lost in a tangle of briars and bracken.In summer heather and bracken carpet the clifftops and riots of butterflies crowd the bushes and flowers.The warm hair of Rognvald, shining like eglantine among the crushed bracken.I crept off down a little path through curling bracken.Clare yelled in pain as she fell on scratchy, frosted bracken.There is nothing-no bunkers, gorse, whin, heather, bracken, or rough-to impede you.I slid down until I became entangled in some bracken.It was attached to a rusty chain hidden in the bracken.
Origin bracken (1300-1400) Probably from a Scandinavian language