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bowlbowl1 /bəʊl $ boʊl/ ●●● S2 W3 noun 1 bowl.jpg containerCONTAINER [countable]DHH a wide round container that is open at the top, used to hold liquids, food, flowers etcdish Mix all the ingredients thoroughly in a large bowl. Fill the bowl with water.a mixing/serving bowl (=a bowl used for mixing foods or serving them) Beat the butter in a mixing bowl until creamy and soft.a soup/salad/cereal etc bowl (=a bowl to eat or serve soup, salad etc from)2 AMOUNTamount [countable] (also bowlful)TM the amount of something contained in a bowlbowl of a bowl of rice a bowl of fruit3 GAMEgame a) DSO bowls British English [plural] an outdoor game played on grass, in which you try to roll big balls as near as possible to a small ball SYN lawn bowling American English b) [countable usually singular]DSA a special game in American football played by the best teams after the normal playing season the Rose Bowl4 BALLball [countable] British EnglishDS a ball that you use in the game of bowls5 shapeSHAPE [countable]C the part of an object such as a spoon, pipe, toilet etc that is shaped like a bowl the bowl of a pipea toilet/lavatory bowl6 stadiumSPORT [countable usually singular] American EnglishDS a large stadium shaped like a bowl, where people go to watch special events such as sports games or music concerts the Hollywood BowlCOLLOCATIONStypes of bowla soup/cereal/pudding bowl (=for eating soup, cereal etc from)These work well as pasta or cereal bowls.a salad/sugar/fruit bowl (=for serving salad etc)There are some apples in the fruit bowl if you want one.a mixing bowl (=for mixing foods)Put the butter and sugar in a mixing bowl.a serving bowl (=for serving foods)She put the strawberries in a glass serving bowl.a washing-up bowl (=for washing the dishes in)a plastic washing-up bowla wooden/china/glass etc bowlI broke a china bowl.
Examples from the Corpus
bowlBut 95 of those seats were booked for a high school band going to play at a bowl game.Kalchu fetched a bottle of raksi from the inner room and filled a bowl for each of us.The captain gave him a bowl of cold stew which he could only swallow by gulping it down with wine.After removing the pan or urinal, give the patient a bowl and water for washing their hands.Now place a sieve over a big bowl.Return to a clean bowl and cover with damp towel or plastic wrap, or put the bowl inside a plastic bag.Mix the eggs and butter in a large bowl.Cover the bowls only after the soup has cooled, then refrigerate.A burst splashed into the bowl.a soup/salad/cereal etc bowlInstead of plunging into the pool you simply put your head in a salad bowl.Place the lettuce pieces in a salad bowl or large mixing bowl.Place in a salad bowl with the artichokes, onion and olives.Place in a salad bowl with the walnut pieces. 2 Whisk together dressing ingredients.The lesson starts in a salad bowl.To serve, measure a few tablespoons of mixture into a cereal bowl and add milk.a toilet/lavatory bowlShe could not merely flush her body like a toilet bowl.
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bowlbowl2 verb 1 [intransitive, transitive]DS to roll a ball along a surface when you are playing the game of bowls2 DSC a) [intransitive, transitive] to throw a ball at the batsman (=the person who hits the ball) in cricketbat b) [transitive] to make a batsman have to leave the field by throwing a ball so that it hits the wicket behind himsee thesaurus at throw3 [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] to travel along very quickly and smoothlybowl along/down We were bowling along at about 90 miles per hour. bowl somebody ↔ out bowl somebody ↔ over
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Examples from the Corpus
bowlThe batsman straightened up as Warne came in to bowl.The dismissal of Andrew Flintoff, bowled by Streak for a duck, is cause for more long-term concern.How cheerily, how hilariously, O my Captain, would we bowl on our way to see old Nantucket again!When the Kiwis were bowled out for 102 in their first innings the writing was on the wall.At Bristol, Gloucestershire won their match with Cheshire by 204 runs, bowling out the visitors for just 68.Heaton Mersey Village visited Wayfarers and scored 142 all out, a total they successfully defended bowling out Wayfarers for 112.They gave the ball to Jerome Bettis and let him bowl over the Bengals in Cincinnati.He's a very aggressive bowler -- he always bowls the ball straight at the batsman's body.bowl along/downAfter a very short time, he stopped, and laid the bowl down.The moon appears for fleeting seconds, the night speeds up frantically, the clouds bowl along and vulnerability replaces control.Gabby came bowling down Jim's driveway in a truck.Security come running over as they see us all bowled along miserably before it.She put the bowl down on top of a chest of drawers standing next to the bed and folded her arms.As the bikes bowled down the dark lane, so the circle of the sky seemed to wheel the other way.He set the bowl down, then lifted the boy gently, cradling him in a half-sitting position.We set off at ten, collected Coconut and bowled along to the woods.
Origin bowl1 Old English bolla bowl2 (1400-1500) bowl ball used in bowling ((15-21 centuries)), from Old French boule, from Latin bulla bubble