From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbowbow1 /baʊ/ ●●○ verb 1 [intransitive]BEND to bend the top part of your body forward in order to show respect for someone important, or as a way of thanking an audience She bowed and left the stage. Corbett entered the room, bowing respectfully. The servant bowed low and handed his master the sealed note.bow before/to He bowed before the king.2 bow your head3 [intransitive, transitive]BEND to bend your body over something, especially in order to see it more closelybow over Teague sat at his desk, bowed over a book.4 BEND[intransitive, transitive] to bend, or to make something bend The trees bowed in the wind. His back was bowed under the weight of the heavy bag.5 bow and scrape bow down bow out bow to somebody/something→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
bowArcher bowed and left the stage.They bowed and waited for the mayor to speak first.All the men turned and bowed as the Emperor passed.The women and children now catch up their master, and each group in turn bows down before Esau.But another clone wannabe bowed out of the game Tuesday.Willie turned to face the fire, his head bowed over the range.When he made his rounds on a light-gray donkey, people bowed their heads and dared not look at his face.I sighed and bowed to the inevitable.The Prime Minister, however, was simply bowing to the inevitable.bow before/toI saw him bow to an ugly Virgin.But more than 60 countries, and perhaps 15m golfers, bow to the R&A's authority.Then, turning back, he made a final bow to the row of tiny images.They were just three wires joined at the ends, with only the slightest bow to them.The boats leaned, a kind of bow to your partner.bow overDr. Harris is usually in the lab, bowed over a microscope.
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bowbow2 /baʊ/ ●●○ noun 1 BEND[countable] the act of bending the top part of your body forward to show respect for someone when you meet them, or as a way of thanking an audiencetake/give a bow (=bow to the audience at the end of a performance) The music ended and the girl took a bow. He gave a final bow just as the curtains came down. This is done with a formal bow to the king or queen.2 (also bows [plural]) [countable]TTW the front part of a shipstern, yacht
Examples from the Corpus
bowShe had a red bow in her hair.formal bowBefore entering it, a student must make a formal bow at the doorway as a mark of respect.This is done with a formal bow.The students then stoop to sit on their heels and issue another formal bow before standing and beginning the lesson.
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bowbow3 /bəʊ/ noun [countable] 1 bow.jpg PMWa weapon used for shooting arrows, made of a long thin piece of wood held in a curve by a tight string a bow and arrow2 DCa knot of cloth or string, with a curved part on either side and two loose ends, worn in the hair as decoration or for tying shoelaces Ella wore a bow in her a bow long chestnut hair tied back in a bow3 APMa long thin piece of wood with a tight string fastened along it, used to play musical instruments such as the violin or cello have more than one string to your bow at string1(8)
Examples from the Corpus
bowAn ivory quiver hung upon her left shoulder and in her hand was a bow.That night, another of my presents was a bow tie.We learn bow to learn, how to find out, what the general concepts are.He tucked his letter inside the pink bow.Her blonde hair was pulled back into a smooth chignon and tied with a yellow silk bow.Moorish infantry and cavalry, armed with bows, swords and spears, and carrying small round shields.bow and arrowGrave goods included a necklace, a bow and arrows, a glass cup and a wooden comb.More sophisticated weapons like throwing sticks and bows and arrows came only after a further long period of brain development.We did not have a blowgun on Hsu Fu but we soon had a bamboo bow and arrow.For self-defence therefore the sworn foresters were allowed to carry bows and arrows in the forest.Then Herb, Junior, had taken his bow and arrow and wounded one of the beasts in the hindquarters.They brandish the ancient weapons of the Dani tribe that dominates this valley: bows and arrows, spears and crude knives.They still hunt with bows and arrows.The year-round hunting was great, even though we had to do it with bows and a bowArmament comprised three.303in Lewis machine-guns mounted on Scarf ring-mountings, one each in bow, midships and tail positions.I tried to interest him in bow ties.A fat man in a bow tie tapped the register.Can you tie them in a knot, can you tie them in a bow.
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bowbow4 /bəʊ/ verb [intransitive, transitive]APM to play a piece of music on a musical instrument with a bow3
→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
bowHe took his had off and bowed slightly.When he made his rounds on a light-gray donkey, people bowed their heads and dared not look at his face.