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boudoirbou‧doir /ˈbuːdwɑː $ -wɑːr/ noun [countable] DH old use a woman’s bedroom or private sitting room
Examples from the Corpus
boudoirIt is rather tempting to think of this room as a boudoir rather than a chapel.Nobody else was even audible in the blue boudoir all around.It was the altar - stuffed with as much clutter as a belle epoque boudoir - that really made me think.For two nights Alison had stayed in the house, couching upstairs with Jack, while Franca slept downstairs in her boudoir.She sat in the kitchen or in her boudoir.We all live in chintzy little boudoir rooms and we can't hang Rothkos on our walls.Stuart must have rung my boudoir and learned how the telephone is answered in about fifteen languages so far.secrets of the boudoirThis was not an ordinary room but rather the boudoir of a grande dame.
Origin boudoir (1700-1800) French bouder to pout