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botanybot‧a‧ny /ˈbɒtəni $ ˈbɑː-/ noun [uncountable] HBPthe scientific study of plants
Examples from the Corpus
botanySampling techniques were adopted from statisticians working in the fields of biology and botany.The Apothecaries and their Garden Throughout the ages medicine and botany have been intertwined.Such situations are commonly found in other taxonomic disciplines, such as zoology and botany.A brilliant linguist, he was also deeply interested in botany, chemistry and other scientific subjects.A walk in the woods with his son became a lesson in botany.At universities, where professors of medicine taught botany, physic gardens became a necessity for the practical study of plants.But the geography more than the geology or the botany of Attica were to determine Athens' future.Nor did he want botany and zoology, he'd be no good at them.
Origin botany (1600-1700) botanical