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borderbor‧der1 /ˈbɔːdə $ ˈbɔːrdər/ ●●● S3 W2 noun [countable] 1 SGthe official line that separates two countries, states, or areas, or the area close to this line To cross the border, you will need a valid passport.border between the border between the US and Mexicoborder with regular patrols along the border with Franceon the border a market town on the border of England and Walesacross the border He helped them to get across the border.south/north etc of the border The coach took us south of the border to Tijuana.2 EDGEa band along or around the edge of something such as a picture or piece of material writing paper with a black border3 DLGan area of soil where you plant flowers or bushes, along the edge of an area of grass a flower and shrub border4 something that separates one situation, state etc from another new scientific discoveries that are stretching the borders of knowledgeCOLLOCATIONSverbscross the borderThe army crossed the border and advanced on Warsaw.flee/escape across the borderOver 100,000 civilians fled across the border.form the borderThe river forms the border between the two countries.close the border (=prevent people from crossing)The government moved quickly to close the the border (=start allowing people to cross)After fifty years the border was finally opened.straddle the border (=cover land on both sides of it)This small village straddles the border between the West Bank and Jerusalem.adjectivesthe Welsh/Mexican etc borderI had reached the Swiss border.the southern/eastern etc borderThey renewed their attacks on Ethiopia’s northern border.the Austro-Hungarian/Hong Kong–China etc borderThe village is on the Oxfordshire-Warwickshire border.a common border (=that countries share)India and Pakistan each withdrew troops from their common border.border + NOUNa border dispute (=a disagreement about where the border should be)a long-running border dispute between Iraq and Irana border townthe Chinese border town of Shenzhena border area/regionThe Afghan border area is open and wild.a border crossing (=a place where you cross a border)There are problems of delays at border crossings.a border guardthe North Korean border guardsborder controls (=controls on who crosses a border)Hungary tightened its border controls.phrasesthis/the other side of the borderHer friend lives on the other side of the border. THESAURUSborder the official line that separates two countries, or the area close to this lineThe town lies on the border between Chile and Argentina.Strasbourg is very close to the German border.border guardsfrontier especially British English the borderThey crossed the Libyan frontier into Egypt.line the official line that separates states and counties in the USHis family lived across the state line in West Virginia.boundary the line that marks the edge of an area of land that someone owns, or one of the parts of a countryThe fence marks the boundary between the two properties.The Mississippi River forms the boundary between Tennessee and Arkansas.A road runs along the western boundary of the site.
Examples from the Corpus
borderJill wants to plant a border of flowers around the lawn.Jeumont is a small town on the French-Belgian border.Strasbourg is very close to the German border.Samantha was wearing a knee-length skirt with a green border.Fighting in border disputes has killed at least 25 people.Isn't Manto near the Italian border?Iraq had put thousands of troops along its border with Kuwait.To the east lay border regions - Berry and Auvergne - where even the Duke's nominal suzerainty was at times doubtful.It is the United States that has suffered from millions of impoverished, illegal aliens coming across the lengthy border.We spent the night in, a miserable little border town.The two presidents met for the first time to discuss their longstanding border dispute.They are constantly having to negotiate borders and deal with difference.The tablecloth had a brightly patterned border.a skirt with a red borderThey escaped across the border into Thailand.Refugees have been warned not to attempt to cross the border.As soon as we crossed the border we began to see signs of poverty.You may remember seeing Katrina Hunter and the remarkable progress she made with a herbal cream from the borders.It is a mountainous region, occupying a large area near the border with Nepal.Last night we camped a metre short of the border, a beautiful spot between the upper and lower Sorjus lakes.Workers refuse to hire on for less, because cost of living is higher on the border than farther south.The talks were held in the northeastern state of Nuevo Leon, on the border with the US.The town lies on the border between Chile and Argentina.The army's main task was to patrol the border regions.He had spotted another lay-by, beyond Jena, just before the link road to the autobahn back to the border.border withChile's border with Peru
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borderborder2 verb 1 SGP[intransitive, transitive] if one country, state, or area borders another, it is next to it and shares a border with it countries that border the Mediterraneanborder on The area borders on the Yorkshire Dales.2 EDGE[transitive] to form a border along the edge of something a path bordered by a high brick wall border on something
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Examples from the Corpus
borderThe Black Sea borders a half-dozen countries.With three air-force pilots along for the ride, James flew along a railroad track bordered by tall trees.Sometimes, the censorship bordered on the absurd.They did so for complex reasons that border on the religious, not the ambitious.France borders Spain along the length of the Pyrenees.Azerbaijan borders the Caspian Sea.Jackson went to the road that bordered the gardens on the left.It looks an exquisite mess, but push through the vegetation bordering the path and the undergrowth clears.He staggered across the wide path that bordered the pond and plunged into the water.Willow trees bordered the river.
Origin border1 (1300-1400) Old French bordure, from border to border, from bort border