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boraxbo‧rax /ˈbɔːræks/ noun [uncountable] DHCa mineral used for cleaning
Examples from the Corpus
boraxIt was cured in borax by wholesalers from Chicago in 1892.He had scrubbed the kitchen floor, cleaned the stove, and was sprinkling borax around the edges of the room.E1 was in the kitchen, sweeping borax into a dustpan.Ralph smiled brightly and moved into the pantry with the borax.If this is the cause try spraying the trees at petal fall with borax solution.Lightly dust flowers with borax powder to preserve colour better.Instead, mix ordinary wallpaper paste with borax to inhibit mould and fungus.
Origin borax (1300-1400) Old French boras, from Medieval Latin borax, from Arabic buraq, from Persian burah