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bobbybob‧by /ˈbɒbi $ ˈbɑːbi/ noun (plural bobbies) [countable] British English informal old-fashioned SCPa policeman
Examples from the Corpus
bobbyThen I had to make my mind up - you or those bloody bobbies.He called for more bobbies on the beat, an end to court delays and reform of prisons.He says taking bobbies out of villages lead to more crime.Dave, the bobby, was just the opposite.Now that they were a block from church she pulled off the kerchief and slipped the bobby pins from her hair.Ian Westwood, head of the federation's Manchester branch, blamed the demise of the traditional bobby on the beat.Ranging from advice on digging a pond, the importance of the village bobby to controversial political and conservation issues.
Origin bobby (1800-1900) Bobby, form of the male name Robert, from Sir Robert Peel (1788-1850), who reorganized the London police force