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bobbinbob‧bin /ˈbɒbɪn $ ˈbɑː-/ noun [countable] DHDLHa small round object that you wind thread onto, especially for a sewing machinespool, reel
Examples from the Corpus
bobbinHairgrips, a pencil, a bobbin, a teaspoon with an apostolic head.The talks were closely monitored via mobile phone, and a bonfire of tyres and bobbins of rayon was kept burning.I prefer to keep the expression for bobbin lace, or beautiful old needle-point.A sewing machine has only one bobbin.Standard bobbins can not be used for E cores, since all three legs have to be used for the isolated topology.Wind the wire on neatly in layers and bring the ends out between the pins on each side of the bobbin.The purpose of this relief is to permit the bobbin case hook to pass the needle without touching it.Cornelius observed that the wooden bobbin dangling on a string from the window blind was the shape of an acorn.
Origin bobbin (1500-1600) French bobine