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boardingboard‧ing /ˈbɔːdɪŋ $ ˈbɔːr-/ noun [uncountable] 1 TTthe act of getting on a ship, plane etc in order to travel somewhere Boarding is now taking place at Gate 38.2 TDHnarrow pieces of wood that are fixed side by side, usually to cover a broken door or window
Examples from the Corpus
boardingTherefore, they would not have to meet any boarding expenses.Ladies and gentlemen, boarding will begin in just a few minutes.He collected his boarding card and found a seat in the cafeteria that allowed him to look down on the concourse.Only some sailors in blue jerseys who appeared as the Shirley chugged alongside the boarding pontoon.On Monday afternoon and evening Toby once again enjoyed undisputed sway in the boarding annexe of Burleigh.Con had run out of an alley near the boarding house when he'd heard the noise.He was sent away to boarding school at Ampleforth and from there went to Trinity College, Cambridge, to read architecture.