From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishboardboard1 /bɔːd $ bɔːrd/ ●●● S1 W1 noun 1 INFORMATIONinformation [countable]INFORMATION a flat wide piece of wood, plastic etc that you can use to show informationon a board The plan of the new building is displayed on a board at the back of the room. I’ve put a list of names up on the board. I’ll check the departure board for train times. billboard, blackboard, noticeboard, scoreboard2 chopping_board.jpg for putting things onFOR PUTTING THINGS ON [countable]DFUDG a flat piece of wood, plastic, card etc that you use for a particular purpose such as cutting things on, or for playing indoor games Martha was chopping vegetables on a wooden board. a chess board breadboard, cheeseboard, chopping board3 group of people (also Board)GROUP OF PEOPLE [countable]GROUP OF PEOPLE a group of people in a company or other organization who make the rules and important decisionsboard of The Board of Directors met yesterday. There was disagreement among the agency's board of governors.sit on a board/have a seat on a board (=be a member of a board) He gave up his seat on the board after 40 years. a board meeting a board memberGRAMMAR: Singular or plural verb?Board is usually followed by a singular verb in this meaning: The board meets once a month.In British English, you can also use a plural verb: The board meet once a month.4 Board5 in buildingFOR BUILDING [countable]TBC a long thin flat piece of wood used for making floors, walls, fences etc We’ll have to take the boards up to check the wiring. floorboard6 on board7 mealsMEALS [uncountable]DF the meals that are provided for you when you pay to stay somewhere In the nursing home she will have to pay for room and board. The landlord provides board and lodging (=meals and a place to stay). full board, half board8 go by the board9 in water sports [countable] a surfboard or sailboard10 across the board11 take something on board12 electricity [countable] a circuit board13 the boards14 boards15 college/medical boards above board, diving board, drawing board, ironing board, sounding board, → sweep the board at sweep1(11)COLLOCATIONSMeaning 3: a group of people in a company or other organization who make the rules and important decisionsphrasesa board of directors/trusteesThe board of directors met yesterday.a board of governors (=in a school)She sits on the board of governors.the school board American EnglishThe school board voted on the appointment.the chairman of the boardJames Clark has been named chairman of the board.board + NOUNa board memberTwo board members resigned earlier this year.a board meetingAn emergency board meeting will have to be board level (=at a senior level in a company, involving people on the board)The policy was approved at board level.verbsbe on the boardHe's on the board of appointed to the boardThey agreed that an independent chairman should be appointed to the board.sit/serve on the boardShe had served on the board of governors of the BBC.have a seat on the boardHe gave up his seat on the board after 40 years' service.put something to the board (=ask the board to consider something)Their proposals were put to the board.
Examples from the Corpus
boardAn apparent ring, which had its own people inside, was responsible for earlier Sparc 2 board thieves.The track led only to Scudder's Cottage, the name crudely painted on a board nailed to the gate.Room and board is $3,000 per semester.We got the cedar boards from an old fence.Where's the chess board?a cutting boardThe floor boards are one quarter-inch thick and come in 34 designs.The licensing board has refused us permission to sell alcohol on the premises.It was a notice board devoted exclusively to funeral announcements, and the lawyer's death was well represented.For six years, Lowman worked with the Los Angeles school board to get more teaching programs and transportation for handicapped children.In October, the school board recommended that uniforms become compulsory.And a more frantic presence was trapped behind the skirting board.I'll put an announcement up on the board.Your homework assignment is written on the board.If you don't agree with the result etc you can appeal to the board of examiners.Mr Balmuth joined Caldor in 1987 as president and was elected to the board in 1989.The board argued that the dispute was not protected by the First Amendment since it was an internal personnel matter.on a boardBetween 525 and 530 people were believed to have been on board.As a result, those who were brought on board saw themselves as an enviable elite, however overworked and underpaid.Prior will take a family vacation before coming on board.Make that three wounded and one loony on board.He was the only navy man on board and therefore in charge of the ship and equal in position to Dogwell.The second crew lifted off on 28 July of the same year and remained on board for nearly 59 and boardHe also took on extra film work to earn enough for the trip to New York and room and board there.A Solution: The Job Corps provides room and board to disadvantaged young adults while they complete their studies and learn trades.Those who live in normally receive room and board plus a wage - often well below the legal minimum.While this was in addition to room and board, the amount itself was very small.
BoardBoardused in the name of some organizations the New York State Board of Elections the British Boxing Board of Control board
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boardboard2 ●●○ verb 1 [intransitive, transitive] formalTT to get on a bus, plane, train etc in order to travel somewhere The couple boarded the train for New York. Passengers were standing on the dock, waiting to board.RegisterIn everyday English, people usually say get on a bus, plane etc rather than board: When she heard the news, she got on the next plane for Chicago.2 be boarding3 [intransitive always + adverb/preposition]DH to stay in a room in someone’s house that you pay for Several students boarded with Mrs. Smith.4 [intransitive]SES to stay at a school at night as well as during the day Dickie was sent away to school as soon as he was old enough to board. board something ↔ out board something ↔ up
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Examples from the Corpus
boardFlight 503 for Toronto is now boarding.They boarded a flight for Israel.A week later he boarded a ship bound for New York.Phoebe boards here during the week and goes home at weekends.Police boarded the Aberdeen to Newcastle plane after the pilot radioed for help.The sooner Morgan boarded the chopper and pushed off the better.Before boarding the plane, Jenny tried once more to call home.Her parents offered no explanation when police boarded their plane at Chicago airport yesterday to arrest them for abandoning their children.My only knowledge is the pubs that still remain but are boarded up.I boarded with the Jansens until I found a place of my own.I board with the Nicholsons during the week.
From King Business DictionaryLBED_03_aboardboard1 /bɔːdbɔːrd/ noun1[countable] (also board of directors)COMMERCE the group of people who have been elected to manage a company by those holding shares in the companyThese accounts were approved by the Board of Directors on 15th July last year.The executive committee effectively runs the company between monthly board meetings. management board supervisory board2[countable] a group of people who make important decisions or rules about how an institution operates and make sure that these rules are obeyedThe city’s licensing board voted yesterday for restrictions on opening hours.board ofthe board of examiners appeals board marketing board oversight board3[countable] (also circuit board)COMPUTING the part of a computer containing the CHIPs that govern a particular functionA good sound board will really liven up your games and multimedia applications.4[uncountable] (also board and lodging)TRAVEL the meals and the room provided for you when you stay or live somewhere full board half board5on board on a ship, plane, or trainAll the crew must be on board by four o'clock this afternoon. 6take something on board informal to listen to or accept a suggestionHe was not able to comment, but he took on board the strength of feeling against the proposal.7be on board/bring somebody on board informal to join an organization or agree with someone’s plans, ideas etc, or to make someone do thisThe response was to look for a way to accommodate the Danish Government, to bring the Danes back on board.boardboard2 verb [intransitive, transitive]TRAVEL to get on a bus, plane, train, or shipFlight TA134 for Boston is now boarding at Gate 16.I boarded a bus and headed off out of Lesotho.→ See Verb tableOrigin board1 Old English bord