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bluegrassblue‧grass /ˈbluːɡrɑːs $ -ɡræs/ noun [uncountable]APM a type of music from the southern and western US, played on instruments such as the guitar and violin
Examples from the Corpus
bluegrassThey brought bluegrass to the masses via groundbreaking early recordings.The classical mandolin -- as opposed to its slightly different bluegrass cousin -- looks like a stunted lute.The first and third Tuesdays feature old-time and Celtic, and the second Thursday is bluegrass.I see it a lot in the Southeast and some of the most popular bluegrass bands.They went on to popularize bluegrass, becoming favorites on the college circuit.One is that bluegrass seems to be getting more and more slick and commercial.If you're new to bluegrass, it's a great introduction.