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blackthornblack‧thorn /ˈblækθɔːn $ -θɔːrn/ noun [countable] HBPa European bush that has small white flowers
Examples from the Corpus
blackthornElder and blackthorn bushes offered patches of shade.Graceful spikes of lords-and-ladies pushed up through the earth below white-blossomed blackthorn.The day was warm, the air sweet with the scent of scythed grass and chopped blackthorn.The immanent blackthorn bloom is pushing inside tiny pink buds.The old blackthorn tree, twisted and stunted by its choice of birthplace, made a convenient leaning post.Blossom on blackthorn and great banks of bluebells.It may also be noted that last year the true blackthorn overlapped the Myrobalan in flowering season.She struggled through holly thickets, forced through dense stands of winter blackthorn, still shrouded in dead leaf.