From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbitbit1 /bɪt/ ●●● S1 adverb, pronoun 1 a bit2 a bit3 quite a bit4 a bit5 a bit of a something6 not a bit/not one bit7 every bit as important/bad/good etc8 bit by bit9 a/one bit at a time10 take a bit of doing/explaining etc11 be a bit much12 be a bit of all right13 bit on the side14 a bit of stuff/fluff/skirt15 a bit of roughGRAMMAR: Comparisona bitYou use a bit before an adjective: He’s a bit shy.I’m feeling a bit tired.a bit ofYou use a bit of before an uncountable noun: We had a bit of trouble with the engine.a bit of aYou use a bit of a before a countable noun, or before an adjective and a countable noun: She has a bit of a cold.It was a bit of a strange decision.
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ldoce_708_zbitbit2 ●●● S1 W1 noun [countable] 1 PIECEpiece a small piece of somethingbit of bits of broken glass He wedged the door open with a bit of wood.break/rip/shake etc something to bits The aircraft was blown to bits. He’s taken the engine to bits.fall/come to bits The old house was falling to bits.see thesaurus at piece2 PARTpart British English informal a part of something larger This is the boring bit.bit of We did the last bit of the journey on foot.bit about Did you like the bit about the monkey?see thesaurus at part3 to bits4 COMPUTERcomputerTD the smallest unit of information that a computer uses a 32-bit processor5 TOOLtoolTZ the sharp part of a tool for cutting or making holes a drill bit6 FOR A HORSEhorseDSH the metal bar attached to a horse’s bridle that is put into its mouth and used to control it be champing at the bit at champ1(2)7 bits and pieces8 do your bit9 get the bit between your teeth10 US MONEYmoney a) two bits/four bits American English informal 25 cents or 50 cents b) PEC British English old-fashioned a small coin 11 pull something to bits12 TYPICALtypical behaviour/experience informal used to mean a kind of behaviour or experience that is typical of someone or somethingthe (whole) student/movie star/travelling etc bit Then she gave us the concerned mother bit.13 be in bitsCOLLOCATIONSadjectivesa little/tiny bitThe floor was covered in tiny bits of glass.verbsfall/come to bits (=separate into many different parts because of being old or damaged)The book was so old that I was afraid it would fall to bits.break/smash to bitsThe vase fell and smashed to bits on the concrete something to bitsShe grabbed the letter and ripped it to blown to bits (=by a bomb)A bus shelter nearby was blown to bits.take something to bits (=separate the parts of something)Tony loves taking old radios and computers to bits.
Examples from the Corpus
bita 16-bit processorI'll probably do a bit of gardening this weekend.I probably could, but I should get a bit of support from the script-writers.Have you got a bit of paper I can write your address on?The bloke was living a bit of a fantasy life.I was a bit late.The lantern swung on the beam, the glasses jumped on the table, and bits of earth fell from the ceiling.Alan did the easy bit -- it was me who did all the hard work!They looked every bit as scary to me as I had heard that they were from adults and other children.My favourite bit is when they try to escape.'Would you like a slice of cake?' 'I'll just have a little bit, please.'I hope this letter shows Rotties are not at all vicious but need a little bit of love and care.There were little bits of food all over the carpet.I mean that you did whatever you wanted without the slightest bit of concern as to how your behavior might affect others.I'd like to try that cake. Just give me a small bit please.I found some bits of glass in my sandwich.Some bits of the book are actually quite funny.He circled the house, looking in, and saw nothing but the bits and pieces of ordinary living.the bit of the garden where the fruit trees areAll these bits and pieces washed ashore.There'll be a war, and we'll all be blown to bits!The jumper was very cheap - it'll probably fall to bits the first time I wear it.I wouldn't give you two bits for that old book.bit ofThere's been a bit of tension at the office lately.All that's needed is a bit of imagination.The floor was covered with tiny bits of broken glass.the last bitCounty Museum of Art, contain the last bit of those deposits.It all makes sense, except ... What in heaven's name does the last bit mean?Then he slumps forward, face down, turned away from the last bit of dim illumination offered by the night sky.It is the last bit of that sentence which contains the punch.Then he came on towards Philip, scrambling the last bit of the slope.Nicolo watched as Caroline spooned the last bit of tiramisu from her dessert plate.When the plane finally launched into the empty sky, I watched myself hang on to the last bit of ground below.Out the window, the last bit of sunlight mixed it up with the lights from the parking lot.
bitbit3 verb x-refthe past tense of biteFrom King Business Dictionarybitbit /bɪt/ noun [countable] COMPUTING the smallest unit of information that can be used by a computerThe total memory is approximately 64,000 bits.Origin bit2 1. Old English bita piece bitten off, small piece of food2. (1900-2000) binary digit3. Old English bite act of biting