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billybil‧ly /ˈbɪli/ (also billycan /ˈbɪlikæn/) noun (plural billies) [countable] DLODFU British English a pot for cooking or boiling water when you are camping
Examples from the Corpus
billyThen you can come here and see auctions, and people bringing everything from a billy goat to an elephant.He hands me a billy and suggests I get some snow for water and a few twigs to start the fire.Very soon the biggest billy goat came across the bridge.I dashed back in to make Dad his sandwiches and pour his tea into his billy can.Hoping the meat might sell, I'd bought this Anglo-Nubian billy to beget a nation and populate our land.I also take billy kids for a pal near me and rear them free range with lots of love and cuddles.Cops gripping those billy clubs, one hand at each end, twisting hard.The Characters Three billy goat brothers: Hungry.