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bigotrybig‧ot‧ry /ˈbɪɡətri/ noun [uncountable] PPPREJUDICEDbigoted behaviour or beliefs SYN prejudice sensational news stories that just encourage bigotrysee thesaurus at prejudice
Examples from the Corpus
bigotryGay people face a constant struggle against bigotry.Walls of suspicion, distrust and bigotry are beginning to rise again.People who oppose religion on the grounds of its intolerance and bigotry think that the risks are very high.The best he can manage with this script is a sense of loony bigotry.Moma is a monument to the creative value of bigotry.Funding church schools is foolishly promoting bigotry and intolerance.Teach your children to recognize bigotry and not be a part of it.The newspaper condemned the former mayor's bigotry toward gays.But there are other sides to Chicago neighborhoods suspicion of outsiders, intolerance toward the unconventional, bigotry, and bullying.The statements quoted above were for the most part not coarse or vulgar, but just loaded with bigotry.