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bigotedbig‧ot‧ed /ˈbɪɡətɪd/ adjective PPPREJUDICEDhaving such strong opinions about a group of people that you are unwilling to listen to anyone else’s opinions SYN prejudiced a bigoted old man
Examples from the Corpus
bigotedHe believes the political right in America is becoming dangerously bigoted.He was too narrow-minded and prejudiced - and bigoted.She had always prided herself on her tolerance and open-mindedness - how dared he call her bigoted?Her speech included a bigoted attack on HispanicsBigoted attitudes don't change very quickly.This was a predominantly Protestant force which soon came to be regarded as repressive and bigoted by the Catholic minority.You're the most bigoted man I've ever met.It would be narrow-minded and bigoted not to welcome these convergent developments.We're a bigoted, racist group of ox-cart reactionaries who don't know which way the wind's blowing.Immigrant workers, easy scapegoats for the newly reunited country's economic ills, have been the latest victims of bigoted violence.She was finally an extraordinarily, if at time, quite subtly, bigoted woman.