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bigotbig‧ot /ˈbɪɡət/ noun [countable] PPPREJUDICEDsomeone who is bigoted racist bigots
Examples from the Corpus
bigotHe once called liberalism a form of bigotry, but he did not particularly mind being called a bigot himself.Critics say the mayor is a bigot who is inflaming racial tensions in his city.What you need to do is be more careful in your scattershot approach to labeling people as bigots.The clergy, bigots and hypocrites, stirred up the people, he charged.Toward the end of the campaign, he was reported to have called Jeff a "white, homophobic bigot"a religious bigotReligious bigots have often employed the cunning device of converting other people's heroes into villains, to suit their own purposes.We must seek out the bigots from wherever they are-even those above the law.Chuck is short for Charlie, and Charlie is the old code name for a down-home white bigot.Possible fools with bigots for fathers, losers for husbands, and mean, mortal hours.
Origin bigot (1500-1600) French