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bidetbi‧det /ˈbiːdeɪ $ bɪˈdeɪ/ noun [countable] DHa small low bath that you sit on to wash your bottom
Examples from the Corpus
bidetThe closest basin to a bidet in the United States in 1897, for instance, was a hip bath.There was a vogue for bidets in California some years ago but he thinks they are primarily symbolic as jacuzzis have become.We even had a portable bidet for Maurice Chevalier's safari.In a promotional brochure, one company shows bidets in photographs of model rooms without directing specific attention to them.But recently, acceptance of the bidet has been growing, according to makers of bath fixtures.I did need a few stitches, but frequent use of the bidet helped fast healing.She shrugged, went over to the bidet, washed herself and inserted her tiny scrambler.
Origin bidet (1600-1700) French small horse, bidet