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benchbench1 /bentʃ/ ●●● S2 W3 noun 1 park_bench.jpg SEAToutdoor seat [countable]TBD a long seat for two or more people, especially outdoors We sat on a park bench.2 the bench3 the bench4 benches5 TABLEtable [countable]TICWORK/DO WORK a long heavy table used for working on with tools or equipment a carpenter’s bench
Examples from the Corpus
benchAcross the hall from us is another bench, and it leads to that metal door.a team with a strong benchWho can contribute from the bench?Ranulf sat slumped in the bench beside him, groaning and muttering at his master.In some areas they were able to further the cause of reform through their positions on the bench of justices.He pulled himself up, half-sitting on the bench that he had grabbed.The congregation shifted on their benches, moved their feet.We crossed Main Street and went into a little park, sat on a wooden bench under a huge scraggly tree.a long wooden bench
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benchbench2 verb [transitive] American EnglishDS to not allow a sports player to play in a game, or to remove them from a game Anderson has been benched until his injury has healed.
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Examples from the Corpus
benchAnderson has been benched for three weeks until his injury has healed.
Origin bench1 Old English benc