From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbeingbeing1 ●●○ W3 noun 1 come into being/be brought into being2 [countable]HBH a living thing, especially a person a human beingintelligent/conscious/rational etc being a story about alien beings who invade Earth3 [uncountable] literaryCHARACTER OF something the most important quality or nature of something, especially of a personthe core/roots/whole of somebody’s being The whole of her being had been taken over by a desire to return to her homeland.
Examples from the Corpus
beingWe live by these great beings in the sky.a human beingAnd that electrical energy also affects human beings.The physiological states of growing organisms including human beings - vary greatly from one stage to another.First of all, the bureaucrats shop like robots, not like human beings.It's so peculiar to think that you plus wife equals a new human being.Nature is said to abhor a vacuum; human beings abhor complexity. 3.These are status-hungry beings eager to define a place in the world for themselves and for beingshuman beingMaybe away from her mum and dad she was capable of being a human being.Because they are human beings and not two-legged souvenirs, Aborigines do not take kindly to having their pictures taken.No human being who wants to read and own a book should ever have to go on bended knee to get it.For it conjures up the Specter of one human being exacting his will on another.Secondly, central bankers, like other human beings, can take the wrong decisions.His most striking proposition to the lay reader is that human beings are genetically programmed to learn certain kinds of language.Simply that human beings learned how to carry their environment with them.Instead of pieces we played with human beings on a great white and black piazza.the core/roots/whole of somebody’s beingShe was stuck there in the core of her being.Anyway, you can't go through the whole of your life being called Nigel, can you?The fact that so many young people are killed each day shakes me to the core of my being.
beingbe‧ing2 /ˈbiːɪŋ/ verb [linking verb] 1 x-refthe present participle of be2 EXPLAINused to give the reason for something Being a quiet sort of person, I didn’t want to get involved. You can’t expect them to sit still for that long, children being what they are.3 being as
Examples from the Corpus
beingI wasn't surprised about the accident, kids being what they are.Being young and single, I wasn't really worried about what might happen.