Word family noun behaviour/behavior misbehaviour/misbehavior behaviourism/behaviorism behaviourist/behaviorist adjective behavioural/behavioral verb behave misbehave adverb behaviourally/behaviorally
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbehaviourbe‧hav‧iour British English, behavior American English /bɪˈheɪvjə $ -ər/ ●●● S2 W1 noun [uncountable] 1 the things that a person or animal does It is important to reward good behaviour.behaviour towards She complained of her boss’s inappropriate behavior towards her. the effects of alcohol on human behaviour2 be on your best behaviour3 DOthe things that something in science normally doesbehaviour of the behaviour of human chromosomesbehavioural adjective behavioural sciencebehaviourally adverbCOLLOCATIONSadjectivesgood/badThe boys were suspended from school for bad behaviour.His good behaviour did not last long.normal/abnormalThey thought their son’s behaviour was perfectly normal.Were there any signs of abnormal behaviour?aggressive/violent/threatening His behavior became increasingly violent.antisocialantisocial behaviour such as spitting and swearing in public acceptable/unacceptable This sort of behavior is completely unacceptable.appropriate/inappropriate formal (=suitable/not suitable for that situation) Within the official school framework there are penalties for inappropriate behaviour. human/animal behaviourthe scientific study of human behaviourdetailed observations of animal behaviourcriminal behaviourThere are many theories as to what causes criminal behaviour.sexual behavioura survey of human sexual behaviourbehaviour + NOUNbehaviour problemsShe teaches children with behaviour problems.phrasesstandards of behaviourdeclining standards of behaviour among young peopleIt’s a parent’s job to instruct children in acceptable standards of behaviour.a pattern of behaviourDifferent patterns of behaviour exist in different cultures.verbschange your behaviour (also modify your behaviour formal)He has no reason to change his behaviour.influence somebody’s behaviourThe genes we inherit influence our behaviour.THESAURUSbehaviour British English, behavior American English the way someone behavesChemicals added to food may be responsible for children’s bad behaviour.Tatsuya apologized for his behaviour towards me.conduct formal the way someone behaves in public or in their job – used mainly in official or legal contextsBates was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct (=noisy and violent).The committee found him guilty of unsatisfactory professional conduct.manner the way someone behaves when they are talking to or dealing with other people, which is shown in their expression, their voice etcShe had a pleasant friendly manner.Suddenly his whole manner changed, and he started shouting.His initial manner towards her had been rather formal.demeanour British English, demeanor American English formal the way someone looks and behaves, which shows you something about their character or feelingsShe maintained a calm demeanour at all times.Wenger’s demeanour suggested that he was not happy with the situation.antics someone’s behaviour – used when you think it is silly, funny, strange, or annoyingThe drunken antics of some English football fans has brought shame on the country.The actor is becoming known for his increasingly bizarre off-screen antics.
Examples from the Corpus
behaviourHis behaviour in school is beginning to improve.It is this capacity to give meaning which needs to be held on to in considering human behaviour.They have extended their protests to the legal process and judges' behaviour in court.But they denied hens much of their normal behaviour and in particular frustrated the urge to nest.Eric's behaviour towards his family surprised me.How will that behaviour be assessed?
From King Business Dictionarybehaviourbe‧hav‧iour /bɪˈheɪvjə-ər/ British English, behavior American English noun [uncountable] (also behaviours) the way that someone or something acts in different situationsThey have changed their buying behavior and are postponing major purchases.The market’s crash forced money managers to rethink basic assumptions about market behaviour.seminars that attempt to change attitudes and behaviors among white male managers consumer behaviour organizational behaviour