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beerbeer /bɪə $ bɪr/ ●●● S2 W3 noun 1 [uncountable]DFD an alcoholic drink made from malt and hops a pint of beer We sell draught beer (=beer served from a large container, not a bottle).2 [countable]DFD a glass, bottle, or can of beer Do you fancy a beer?beery adjective his beery breath ginger beer, root beer, → small beer at small1(16)COLLOCATIONStypes of beercold/ice-cold beerHe opened the fridge and got out a can of ice-cold beer.draught beer British English, draft beer American English (=taken from a large container, not served in a bottle)He only ever drinks draught beer.bottled beer (=served in a bottle)We sell a wide selection of draught and bottled beers.strong beer (=with a lot of alcohol)He had drunk two pints of strong beer before attempting to drive.light beer especially American English (=lower in alcohol or calories than normal beer)He claims light beer has no flavor.low-alcohol beer (=lower in alcohol than normal beer)Have you tried low-alcohol beer?alcohol-free beer (=with no alcohol in it)I'll bring some alcohol-free beer.stale beer (=old beer which has an unpleasant smell)The hotel smelt of cigarette smoke and stale + NOUNa beer bottle/can (=a bottle/can for beer)Empty beer cans littered the ground.a beer barrel/keg (=a large container for beer)They rolled empty beer barrels along the street.a beer mat (=a mat for putting a glass of beer on)There were beer mats and an ashtray on the table.a beer glassHe raised his beer glass and said 'Cheers!'a beer mug (=large glass with a handle)The barmaid brought over four foaming beer mugs.a beer drinkerI'm not really a beer drinker.a beer festival (=special event where people can taste different types of beer)phrasesa pint of beerTwo pints of beer, please.a bottle/can of beer (=containing beer)The fridge was full of cans of beer.a barrel of beer (=a large container containing beer)He bought a barrel of beer for the party. THESAURUSbeer a general word for an alcoholic drink made from malt and hopsa bottle of beerLet’s go and have a beer in the pub.lager a light-coloured beer, which often has a lot of bubbles in itA pint of lager, please.ale a type of beer which is usually sold in a bottle or a canBeers and fine ales were brewed here for over a hundred years.Newcastle Brown Aledraught beer British English, draft beer American English beer that is served from a large container rather than a bottle, especially good quality beerThe pub serves a range of draught beers.real ale British English beer that has been made in the, traditional way, not in a large factoryThe pub has real ale and live music most nights.bitter British English a type of dark strong beer that is popular in BritainI'll have a pint of bitter.shandy a drink made of beer mixed with lemonadeI'd better have a shandy - I'm driving.cider an alcoholic drink made from applesHis clothes were old and dirty, and he stank of cider.
Examples from the Corpus
beerHicks finished a beer and looked into his glass.Want a beer, Pete?An extensive selection of whiskies and draught beers, real ale.Boscuen which means rabbit of the forest, a dry beer and one he particularly enjoys.The bartender put two more beers before them and they drank a while.a bottle of beerYou can still taste and smell the beer in your mouth.Throwing beer bottles through the window.That silly Bud Bowl, with beer bottles coming to life like the brooms in Fantasia.draught beerExtensive range of house wines and champagne, whiskies and draught beers.An extensive selection of whiskies and draught beers, real ale.Nice range of wines, whiskies and draught beer.They had ordered halves of the local draught beer which they weren't in a hurry to finish.The rationalization process involved concentrating the production of standard draught beers at the Watson brewery at St Helens.I think our problem is that we're too closely identified with beer, and traditional draught beer at that.Good wine list, over 30 whiskies, draught beers including Guinness.
Origin beer Old English beor