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beechbeech /biːtʃ/ noun [countable, uncountable] HBPa large tree with smooth grey bark (=outer covering), or the wood from this tree
Examples from the Corpus
beechChunks of oak, ash, alder, beech, sycamore and hazel lay here and there, awaiting their miracles.And beech and lime showed dieback in Richmond Park.Under the high canopy of bronze beech, pale green ash and golden lime leaves the streams merge.Copses of beech and alder appeared, straggling along the banks with their roots lost in a tangle of briars and bracken.On top of the hill was a wood of beech trees surrounded by a stone wall.By 1984, half the supply of spruce, pine, beech and oak had some degree of unnatural damage.Dry tan beech leaves that have survived all the winter storms now rattle softly on a low branch.The village swine fed on the beech mast on Steep Ridgery.
Origin beech Old English bece