From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbedtimebed‧time /ˈbedtaɪm/ noun [countable, uncountable] SLEEPthe time when you usually go to bed It’s way past your bedtime! a bedtime story
Examples from the Corpus
bedtimeIf your child enjoys a bedtime drink there's no point in refusing one.Children who had never heard a bedtime story and could not write their own names were crammed into classrooms by the dozens.One evening the boy requested that the father tell him a bedtime story.This medicine should be taken at bedtime and first thing in the morning.I smile at the watching people and say she is always this way at bedtime.It was always an early bedtime for the 40 or so athletes based at the Kawa Falls.It tells us foolish bedtime stories in exchange for our promises to purchase the latest corporate goods and corporate services.Lucy, 7.30 is bedtime, you know that.It's past my bedtime -- I really must get some sleep.It's late -- it must be nearly bedtime.Isn't it your bedtime?