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bedspreadbed‧spread /ˈbedspred/ noun [countable] DHan attractive cover for a bed that goes on top of all the other covers
Examples from the Corpus
bedspreadYou might not mind fur on blankets and bedspreads, but the next guest could be allergic to animals.Hugh lay awake in a tangle of candlewick bedspread.We kissed, we lay down on the worn chenille bedspread and slowly got out of our clothes.Julie London selects her favourites 1 Moti-rib 100 percent cotton bedspread in Brick colourway.The powdered sugar fell like fine snow on to the green bedspread.He had a large room on the second floor, with bright-green walls and a tangerine bedspread.I picked up the package of gum from the bedspread and held it in my hand and told him Thank you.The bedspread is light, ribbed, with little tassels on the bottom.