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beddingbed‧ding /ˈbedɪŋ/ noun [uncountable] 1 DHsheets, covers etc that you put on a bed2 TADHPsomething soft for animals to sleep on, such as dried grass or straw3 garden plants that will look good for one season and then be removed
Examples from the Corpus
beddingAll bedding is on sale at 30% off.Then she makes her nest, carrying mouthfuls of bedding to the chosen spot before rooting and pawing it into shape.They would be ideal for edging mixed borders or bedding schemes.Soiled bedding is removed and fresh material is collected, by both boar and sow.Behind the carpet was a shallow recess in which the bedding was normally stored.Families with elderly, incontinent parents, may care to know that waterproof bedding can be purchased from this company.