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bedclothesbed‧clothes /ˈbedkləʊðz, -kləʊz $ -kloʊðz, -kloʊz/ noun [plural] DHthe sheets, covers etc that you put on a bed
Examples from the Corpus
bedclothesAnother one put washing on to a line, gaudy bedclothes and sombre shirts.Dolly watched him, bedclothes up to her chin.He had given him a shave and changed his bedclothes.Abruptly he jumped up and tore away the bedclothes, searching the rug on which he had lain.Thought it had slipped down the bedclothes somewhere.Cower in the bowels of the earth from it, and pull the bedclothes over your head.Her Uncle lay quite still, eyes closed and breathing so faintly that the bedclothes hardly stirred.Make a pot of soup or wash bedclothes.