bed linen

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bed linenˈbed ˌlinen noun [uncountable] DHthe sheets and pillowcases for a bed
Examples from the Corpus
bed linenRelatives often have to provide non-medical care as well, and patients have to bring in their own blankets and bed linen.Make sure they are cared for, with clean clothing and bed linen.Floral bed linen and a plain white quilted bedcover with masses of appliqued cushions, for example, capture the romantic look perfectly.He has also chewed three torches, three combs, two hair brushes, and my bed linen.Burun could hear her ordering the slaves to unpack the boxes of bed linen.It was decided in 1983 that students would in future be required to provide their own bed linen and towels.A floral chintz fabric is used at the windows and for the upholstered seat and valance under the white bed linen.