From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbeaterbeat‧er /ˈbiːtə $ -ər/ noun [countable] 1 DHDFUan object that is designed to beat something an egg beater a carpet beater2 wife/child beater3 DSOsomeone who forces wild birds or animals out of bushes, long grass etc so that they can be shot for sport4 TTC American English informal an old car in bad condition world-beater
Examples from the Corpus
beaterUsing clean beaters, whip the cream.Put in bowl and mash with masher or electric beater on low speed.The two boys then spent the rest of the day helping beaters send up birds for the guns.An ordinary beater got five shillings.It's a fruitful relationship that's proving a recession beater.a rug beaterWhen parties went out grouse shooting, whisky was always taken for the beaters, keepers and loaders.If any of the beaters did incur his wrath, they were sent home.The beater said it had happened years ago in a quarrying accident.The beaters of my Kenwood have seldom been still since the end of November.