be/get caught in/without etc something

From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe/get caught in/without etc somethingbe/get caught in/without etc somethingDIFFICULTto be in a situation that you cannot easily get out of or in which you do not have something you need We got caught in a rainstorm on the way here. Here’s a useful tip if you’re caught without a mirror. catch
Examples from the Corpus
be/get caught in/without etc somethingDon't expect to be caught in the rush.He is caught in a storm and crashes.He was caught in the end, trying to bury one of the bodies in the cemetery, in a fresh grave.She was caught in the seducing current, and she could not break free.The actual death toll is much greater because thousands more turtles are caught in fishing nets and suffocate.The Tokyo government is caught in a dilemma, according to Hazelwood.They are caught in this place of denial and unrealized emotion and desire.Worse, he was caught in the cross fire of local conflicts.