be a household name/word

From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbe a household name/wordbe a household name/wordFAMOUSto be very well known Coca-Cola is a household name around the world. household
Examples from the Corpus
be a household name/wordApple computers became a household word in the late '80s.He was the first Aboriginal to have mastered a western mode of painting and by 1940 his was a household name.I won't tell you who she is because the name is a household word.Of course, her name was a household word.Plus, it's not as if the Barn Burners, Helm's current band, is a household name.It sold world-wide, was a household name, and had virtually no competition.Its heroes are household names and millions of pounds are at stake when it is staged.However, a number are household names; the obvious examples are the Severn and the Thames.His was a household name when the craze for stereoscopic views was fashionable.