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bassoonbas‧soon /bəˈsuːn/ noun [countable] APMa musical instrument like a very long wooden tube, that produces a low sound. You hold it upright and play it by blowing into a thin curved metal pipe.bassoonist noun [countable]
Examples from the Corpus
bassoonDouble bass and bassoon. 2.The result is that we encounter unsuspected shades of gray, with solo flute and bassoon weaving ironic commentaries.Schreier sets a brisk but effective tempo here and the horn and bassoons with continuo are first-rate.The function of the double bassoon is to add weight to the bass.The drummer passed out, the bassoonist dropped his bassoon, the trombonist sputtered and went sour.My cousin Barbie was similarly rewarded because she played the bassoon, another unusual instrument.The bassoons are required for both groups.
Origin bassoon (1700-1800) French basson, from Italian bassone, from basso, from Medieval Latin bassus; BASE3