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basketbas‧ket /ˈbɑːskɪt $ ˈbæ-/ ●●● S3 noun [countable] 1 basket.jpg DHa container made of thin pieces of plastic, wire, or wood woven together, used to carry things or put things in a shopping basket a basket full of vegetablesclothes/laundry basket (=for dirty clothes)2 DSOa net with a hole at the bottom, attached to a metal ring, through which the ball is thrown in basketballmake/shoot a basket (=to throw the ball through the basket)3 technical the average or total value of a number of different goods or currencies4 the part of a website, often represented by a picture of a basket, where you collect things to buy put all your eggs in one basket at egg1(6), → wastepaper basketCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 1 : a container made of thin pieces of plastic, wire, or wood woven together, used to carry things or put things intypes of basketa wastepaper/waste basket (=for paper you throw away)He threw her letter in the wastepaper basket.a laundry/clothes basket (=for dirty clothes)Will you please put your socks in the laundry basket?a shopping basketShe paid for the apples and put them in her shopping basket.a picnic basketWe took a picnic basket and a rug.a bread basket (=for serving bread)There was a bread basket on the table.a fruit basket (=containing fruits)He had a fruit basket sent up to her hotel room.a hanging basket (=for putting plants in and hanging outside)All the shops had hanging baskets outside their doors.a wicker basket (=made from the hard stems of a plant)She stores her vegetables in pretty wicker baskets.
Examples from the Corpus
basketShe also gave her a basket, to be like Red Riding Hood in the story.a basket full of fruitTo go along, grab one of the garlic knot rolls from the bread basket.Every basket she makes gives her permission to go for another.Wicker waste paper baskets and bathroom sponges are guaranteed to be disintegrated at an alarming rate if left in the open.Men kept feeling my puris and throwing them back into the baskets if they were not satisfied as to their softness.I stood on the low wall and tried to unhook the basket.He knew he must make the return crossing, as he had advertised, blindfolded and with baskets on his feet.clothes/laundry basketShe wore a swirling dress with something bright wrapped round the waist, and she carried a laundry basket.Iachimo had fallen into a laundry basket.But her daughter lined a huge laundry basket for the infant, and wherever she went, the basket went with her.Listen, this is not your personal laundry basket.The teenager won't put her soiled clothing in the laundry basket as requested; they don't get washed.There were flowers on the table but no pants in the laundry basket.The clothes baskets in the bedrooms have attached lids.make/shoot a basketI shoot baskets and I see a car coming down.I could not even ride a bicycle, much less shoot baskets or play tennis.Like she just got into the business of making baskets, gift baskets.Terry ran after it, and for about ten minutes he tried to show her how to shoot a basket.They was making us make baskets, for the war effort.I was shooting baskets with a fourth-grade boy.
Origin basket (1300-1400) Probably from an unrecorded Old North French baskot, from Latin bascauda bowl for washing dishes