Word family noun base the basics basis adjective baseless basic based verb base adverb basically
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbasicba‧sic /ˈbeɪsɪk/ ●●● S2 W1 adjective 1 BASICforming the most important or most necessary part of somethingbasics the basic principles of chemistry The basic idea is simple. basic research basic informationbasic to medical techniques basic to the control of infection2 SIMPLE/NOT COMPLICATEDat the simplest or least developed levelbasics the basic skills of programming Their knowledge is very basic. The farm lacks even basic equipment.3 basic salary/pay/pension etc4 [only before noun]EVERYONE basic rights, needs etc are ones that everyone needs or should have basic human rights poor families unable to meet their basic needsCOLLOCATIONSnounsthe basic ideaThe basic idea is that science discovers the truth of how the world works.a basic principleThe basic principles underlying all the systems are the same.basic informationThis leaflet has been designed to provide some basic information.basic factsYou should start by giving the basic facts.basic rulesMost people nowadays are aware of some of the basic rules of healthy living.a basic questionThe interviewer will ask you some basic questions about your education and work experience.a basic conceptHe was unfamiliar with the most basic concepts of chemistry.basic servicesThey lack basic services such as water and electricity.basic researchWe need basic research into the causes of mental illness.a basic ingredient of somethingThe ability to adapt is a basic ingredient of survival. THESAURUSbasic the basic things or information are the ones that are the most necessary, or the ones that you need to know firstVisit our website for some basic facts about healthy eating, exercise and weight control.Water – indeed everything basic to life here must be brought in by truck.people's basic needsfundamental more important than anything else – used especially when you want to emphasize what you are sayingThe fundamental problem is a lack of of the fundamental beliefs of ChristianityThese values are fundamental to our society.essential used when talking about a particular thing or feature, which something must have in order to continue. Also used when talking about the main point, difference etcFreedom of the press is essential to our democracy.Change and diversity are essential characteristics of the natural world.The essential point is this: either we act now, or the whole future of our planet is uncertain. One of the essential differences between humans and computers is that humans are more likely to make mistakes. central very important and having a lot of influence or receiving a lot of attentionIndonesia occupies a central role in this market.Education is central to government policy.
Examples from the Corpus
basicSome of the hotels in the mountains are pretty basic.In addition to teaching basic academic skills, we offer a large variety of activities for students.The horse has a basic and essential need for affection; both to give and to receive it.But we still deal from our basic collection, buying and selling.It's only six years old, but already my home PC is basic compared to today's models.basic cooking utensilsThe farm lacks even basic equipment.But they do not alter the basic fact: markets now operate more fluently, reliably and consistently.People were standing in lines to buy basic goods such as bread, cheese, and milk.basic healthcare for childrenBasic human rights are still denied in many countries.The basic ideas dominating the educational philosophy of Highlander are two-fold.The basic ingredients of this cake are eggs, flour, and butter.a basic knowledge of scientific principlesAnd basic literacy levels are higher for a more diverse group of young people.The basic mechanism is to build an edge from left to right.The hospital lacked even the most basic medical equipment.The basic model costs £30,000, which includes insurance and car tax.The government regards housing as a basic need.the basic principles of mathematicsThere are two basic problems here.Thus the state should be mainly a night watchman, a low-profile policeman who ensures the basic safety of every individual.Tax money pays for basic services.Water -- indeed, everything basic to life here -- must be brought in by truck.It is important to have some clear basic understanding of the nature of bereavement and the grief that follows it.I can't really speak Spanish, I just know a few basic words.basic principlesSufficient time is not always given to the study of the basic principles and the proper spacing and placing of the movements.Describe the basic principles of a good stock control system. 9.For example, the basic principles of absorption and emission measurements and dynamic light scattering are discussed in the relevant chapters.The same basic principles of animation can be applied when animating 3-D objects, where in fact perspective is usually built-in anyway.Indeed, Piaget asserted that the basic principles of cognitive development are the same as those of biological development.It is thus essential to cover the basic principles of digital typography and document design near the start of the course.But the Party continues to flout its own rules and the basic principles of parliamentary democracy.These various basic principles which underpinned the planning machine have survived throughout the post-war period.basic skillsCollege is simply an easy way for employers to identify workers with strong basic skills.It also encourages people to become articulate, especially through group discussion, and places great emphasis upon the basic skills.These will include basic skills as well as specialised competences in areas of applied physics.Access to Management Normally these cover basic skills in managing people, resources and finance and are for aspiring or new managers.Too many children are entering kindergarten without basic skills of knowing colors, letters and numbers.Foundation-level basic skills or university Access / foundation courses are generally free.Companies are already paying for training programs to give employees the basic skills they should have learned in high school.Successful programs teach students basic skills to help them say no to drugs.
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BASICBASIC /ˈbeɪsɪk/ noun [uncountable] COMPUTING Beginner’s All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code; a simple computer programming language used especially in personal computers or by students
Origin basic (1800-1900) base