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barnbarn /bɑːn $ bɑːrn/ noun [countable] 1 barn.jpg TAa large farm building for storing crops, or for keeping animals in2 informalTBBDH a large plain building a huge barn of a house
Examples from the Corpus
barnHe's got a big loft empty in one of his barns.Also houses, barns and trucks.Chuck Moxon and his partner took the suspect barn.I chased him with the pitchfork and he ran in the barn.There were a few Commandos resting in the barn, they looked up as I entered but showed no recognition.The men who went out to the barn came in soaked to the skin.There had been a pair using this barn, but, as so often happens these days, they deserted their nest.Inside a yellow barn set in rolling green hills, 10 Sufis spin like synchronized tops across the wooden floor.
Origin barn Old English bereærn, from bere barley + ærn place