banker's order

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banker's orderˈbanker’s ˌorder noun [countable] British EnglishBFB standing order
Examples from the Corpus
banker's orderThere is a Banker's Order form attached to this leaflet which you can use.Their accountants' fees, including bookkeeping services, were £1,000 a month, payable by banker's order.Any reference to payment of rent by banker's order or credit transfer should be vigorously contested.Also make sure that the Banker's Order terminates with the final covenant payment.
From King Business Dictionarybanker's orderˌbanker’s ˈorder noun [countable, uncountable] an instruction by a customer to their bank to make a regular payment to someoneSYNSTANDING ORDERMonthly repayments on the loans must be made by banker’s order. compare direct debit