bank balance

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bank balanceˈbank ˌbalance noun [singular] BFBthe amount of money someone has in their bank account
Examples from the Corpus
bank balanceHe had a bank balance that a senior merchant banker would not be ashamed of.The clever ones soon discovered that while banknotes could be seized a bank balance could not.It's the psychological equivalent of having a flashy red sports car plus the bank balance and looks to match.The bank balance assured him of continued calm.Until Helen discovered what appeared to be a mistake in their bank balance, that is.Your bank balance might be given a pleasant surprise.
From King Business Dictionarybank balanceˈbank ˌbalanceBANKINGACCOUNTING the balance of a bank account showing how much the account contains, or how much it is in debtHe wears hand-made suits and has a healthy bank balance. balance