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bankbank1 /bæŋk/ ●●● S1 W1 noun [countable] 1 MONEYplace for money a) BFBa business that keeps and lends money and provides other financial servicesin the bank We have very little money in the bank. Barclays Bank a bank loan b) BFBa local office of a bank I have to go to the bank at lunch time. clearing bank, merchant bank2 RIVER/LAKEriver/lakeDN land along the side of a river or lakebank of the banks of the River Dee the river bank3 blood/sperm/organ bank4 DNclouds/mist a large mass of clouds, mist etc a fog bankbank of banks of mist5 PILEraised areaDN a large sloping mass of earth, sand, snow etc She was sitting on a grassy of steep banks of snow banks of flowers6 machinesLINE a large number of machines, television screens etc arranged close together in a rowbank of banks of TV monitors7 GAMEgameDGG a supply of money used to gamble, that people can win break the bank at break1(24)8 be makin' bank9 the bank of Mum and Dad10 ROADroadTTR a slope made at a bend in a road or racetrack to make it safer for cars to go around bottle bank, food bank, memory bankCOLLOCATIONSverbsgo to the bankI went to the bank and took out $80.borrow from a bankYou may be able to borrow some money from the bank.a bank lends somethingThe bank lent me £10,000 to help me start the + NOUNa bank accountHow much do you have in your bank account at the moment?your bank balance (=the actual amount that you have in your bank account)I'm just going to check my bank balance online.a bank cardYou can withdraw money using your bank chargesWill I have to pay bank charges on this account?a bank clerk (=a junior worker in a bank)He began his career as a bank clerk.a bank loanWhat's the interest rate on your bank loan?a bank note (=a piece of paper money)a $10 bank notea bank statement (=a written statement of how much you have in a bank account)I get a written bank statement once a month.a bank managerCould I make an appointment with the bank manager, please?a bank robber/robberyThe bank robbers were never caught.types of banka high street bank (=one of the ordinary banks that most people use)There's a lot of competition between the major high street banks.a commercial bank (=an ordinary bank, or one that deals with large businesses)the role of UK commercial banks in the debt crisisan investment/merchant bank (=one that buys and sells stocks and shares etc)Goldman Sachs, the US investment banka savings bank (=a bank that accepts your savings and provides mortgages)a clearing bank (=one of the banks in Britain that uses a clearing house when dealing with other banks)large commercial customers of the clearing banksa central bank (=the main financial authority in a country)The Bundesbank is the central bank of Germany.the World Bank (=an international organization providing financial help to developing countries)The road building was funded by the World Bank.
Examples from the Corpus
bankThe money supply is unchanged and banks still have the original deposit.The scientists sit behind banks of computers, giving instructions to the crew of the spaceship.Four big banks cut their prime lending rate by half a point to 9.5%.The bill would force banks to lower credit card interest rates.the grassy banks of the riverOne hour and 12K later I had deposited a couple of pounds into my bank account.Boy, you must have all kinds of bank after payday, huh?Fans who couldn't get into the stadium watched the match on banks of TV monitors outside.The sun was setting behind the opposite bank.A minority-owned bank had agreed to the arrangements and several nonprofit housing sponsors were lined up to participate in the program.He was drunk and drove into a snow bank.They were building a new theatre on the south bank of the Thames.Parks and playgrounds that are perfect for picnicking include the Esplanade, which runs along the banks of the Charles River.I'll stop at the bank on the way home.Portland is a sprawling city on the banks of the Willamette River.The pre-tax figure was above City expectations and gave evidence that the bank is finally coming to grips with its bad-debt problem.The bank reported fourth-quarter results that were in line with estimates, even though net income rose only 1 percent.The banks, in turn, claimed that their hands were tied by federal regulators who discouraged them from the bankMy aim is to have $ 5,000 in the bank after I graduate college, when I get married.Tod is a big depositor in the bank where fear is kept.There was a loss of self-esteem in the bank and a belief that Crocker was the only problem.But she went to an audition for a manufactured girl band, got lucky, and now has millions in the bank.Talk about money in the bank.They want jobs, houses, money in the bank, families, security.fog bankOut here he fog bank which hung over the city had thinned to non-existence.These are very well-educated professional women in Fog Bank who felt insecure about investing.The fog bank was unattainable and rather than surrender, Kennedy opened fire against both vessels with his antique and wholly inadequate guns.
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bankbank2 verb 1 MONEYmoneyBFB a) [transitive] to put or keep money in a bank Did you bank that check? b) [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] to keep your money in a particular bankbank with Who do you bank with?bank at I’ve always banked at First Interstate.2 TURNplane [intransitive]TTATTC if a plane banks, it slopes to one side when turning The plane banked, and circled back toward us.3 PILE/ROWSpile/rows (also bank up) [transitive] British EnglishLINE to arrange something into a pile or into rows Snow was banked up on either side of the road.4 CLOUD/MISTcloud/mist (also bank up) [transitive]DN to form a mass of cloud, mist etc Banked clouds promised rain.5 FIREfire (also bank up) [transitive]BURN to cover a fire with wood or coal to keep it going for a long time Josie banked up the fire to last till morning. bank on somebody/something
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Examples from the Corpus
bankDozens of candles were banked before the altar.The bobsled run has banked curves about a mile long.The enemy fighter banked left, then right.She's managed to bank more than $300,000.Bank the hot coals on a withWho do you bank with?
From King Business DictionaryBankBank /bæŋk/ nounBANKINGORGANIZATIONS The Bank the BANK OF ENGLAND, Britain’s central bankThe Bank is worried that strong demand for labour could lead to higher wages and prices.bankbank1 noun [countable]1BANKINGa business that makes its profit by paying interest to people who keep money there and charging a higher rate of interest to borrowers who borrow money from the bank. Different types of bank provide a variety of other financial servicesThe major banks have announced an increase in interest rates. see also GirobankThings you do at the bankpay money into your bank account (=put money in)withdraw money from your bank account (=take money out)cash a cheque British English/check American English (=exchange it for cash)pay in a cheque British English/check American English (=give your bank a cheque that is payable to you, so that money goes into your bank account)check your balance (=find out how much money is in your bank account)transfer money to someone else’s/your account (=move money from your account to another account, either another one of yours or someone else’s)use an ATM/cash machine British English/cash dispenser American English (=put a card into a machine to obtain cash from your bank account)arrange a loan (=ask a bank to lend you some money)arrange an overdraft British English (=make an arrangement with your bank to spend more money than you have in your account)order foreign currency (=ask your bank to get you some foreign money) acceptance bank agent bank agricultural bank banker's bank central bank City Bank clearing bank commercial bank confirming bank co-operative bank credit bank development bank discount bank eligible bank Export-Import Bank foreign bank High Street bank investment bank joint-stock bank lead bank merchant bank mutual savings bank national bank paying bank private bank reserve bank retail bank savings bank state bank stock savings bank universal bank2the local branch of a particular bankI have to go to the bank at lunchtime.3break the bank to cost or need so much money that a person or organization is unable to paycustomers who want to get a reasonable PC without breaking the bank4a store of something that can be used when needed data bank job bank land bankbankbank2 verbBANKING1[transitive] to put or keep money in a bankDid you bank that check?He banked rather than spent $3,800 in tax refunds.2[intransitive] to keep your money in a particular bankbank withSome families have banked with Hoare since the 17th century. see also overbanked→ See Verb tableOrigin bank1 1. (1400-1500) French banque, from Old Italian banca long seat, bank2. (1100-1200) Probably from a Scandinavian language. 3. (1200-1300) Old French banc long seat