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bandstandband‧stand /ˈbændstænd/ noun [countable] APMDLOa structure in a park that has a roof but no walls and is used by a band playing music
Examples from the Corpus
bandstandUnder a bandstand in a deserted park.Tinny music pulses from giant, rattling speakers set up on the bandstand.Overheada bright pinwheel of paper lanterns had been strung from the trees to the gold-leafed weathervane on the bandstand roof.On weekends he took her to the hardware store, or over to the park or the bandstand.But Jack turned to the bandstand, motioned for the music to continue.Creed walked towards the bandstand with only slightly less trepidation than before.That was it, that was the bandstand where he was supposed to meet Cally.Alongside is a fine recreation ground, with cycle and other tracks, bandstand, etc.