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ballroomball‧room /ˈbɔːlrʊm, -ruːm $ ˈbɒːl-/ noun [countable] APDDLa very large room used for dancing on formal occasions
Examples from the Corpus
ballroomFather stands by the coatrack, pretending to read the auction notices and ballroom posters.The center also offers tap and ballroom dance classes, yoga and Chairobics, which is a low-impact exercise program.I was very fond of ballroom dancing, and of other things associated with the tripping of the light-fantastic.The Hilton's ballroom is a classic model of flexible facilities.On Fat Tuesday, Meredith watched the banners being unfurled in the ballroom with a stab of pride in her heart.I head back to the ballroom.A bright yellow strip of tape separated the country-western ballroom dancers from the line dance crowd.