ballet dancer

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ballet dancerˈballet ˌdancer / $ .ˈ. ˌ../ noun [countable] ballet.jpg APDsomeone who dances in ballets
Examples from the Corpus
ballet dancerI felt weightless, light as a ballet dancer.Poor Brady, a ballet dancer in a bearpit.He is a sensational, irresistible presence who has the composure and concentration of a ballet dancer.Look at her, May jeered, nodding over the road, thinks she's a ballet dancer.I get as big a kick out of watching Seb on the top curve as I do watching a ballet dancer.A ballet dancer who does not practise every day loses a lot of skill, as does a musician.I lift her soft and easy as a male ballet dancer would lift Giselle.He became like a male ballet dancer - a support to lift up his glamorous partner and help her turn beautiful pirouettes.