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ballerinabal‧le‧ri‧na /ˌbæləˈriːnə/ ●○○ noun [countable] ballet.jpg APDa woman who dances in ballets
Examples from the Corpus
ballerinaIt seemed a physical impossibility, her massive body bounding with the grace of a ballerina.We were topped by ballerinas dressed as bumblebees.Partner Cyril Pierre lifted his ballerina with sublime ease.Janet Collins became the leading ballerina of the Metropolitan Opera in the early 1950s.Once the best you could hope for was a 50-year-old prima ballerina who sometimes starred at the local opera house.Apparently the ballerina Pavlova came here to learn to dance like a swan for the ballet Swan Lake.These were not the dainty and chaste twirls and curtseys of the ballerinas at Lincoln Center.The ballerina has to behave as graciously and confidently as her partner.
Origin ballerina (1800-1900) Italian ballare to dance, from Late Latin; BALL1