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baileybai‧ley /ˈbeɪli/ noun [countable] AATBBan open area inside the outer wall of a castle
Examples from the Corpus
baileyThis is a very special but long-abandoned eighteenth-century garden, laid out on the remains of a medieval motte and bailey castle.Builth Castle Formidable earthworks remains of a substantial motte and bailey.We wandered back into the freezing bailey.There was an inner bailey containing the buildings of greatest importance.Outside this was a citadel, fortified like the inner bailey, but containing a greater number of buildings.In the outer bailey an officer was shouting orders about a gate being oiled.He gathered his cloak and entered the bailey, a calmer place than the previous day.And how dared he leave her standing out here in the bailey like a ... like a serf?
Origin bailey (1200-1300) Old French baille, balie fence, bailey